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The PD-7473 is a robust Digitizer to withstand harsh environment and electrical variation. It can operate accurately over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather. It is a microprocessor based indicator with sigma delta type 24 Bit Analog to Digital converter, SMPS power supply with EMI-RFI filter & spike suppressor.

    • Built in Battery Backup in case of power failure
    • Three-step calibration to achieve accurate and error free calibration
    • Smart calibration to provide correction for small weight errors
    • Actual weight display at power ON
    • Auto zero tracking
    • Weight tracking is to generate stable weight on display in loaded platform condition
    • Decimal point field selectable
    • Averaging of internal counts to achieve stable and accurate weight
    • Password for security
    • Kilogram Litre Toggle: On press of a key the display can toggle between weight (kg) and volume (litre)

    • Grocery shops
    • Precision scales
    • Small scale platform applications
    • Dairy

     Processor   8051 controller
     Processor Clock   18 Mhz
     Power Supply   SMPS power supply
    Input Voltage   90V to 270V AC @ 50Hz.
     Battery Back Up   Built in battery back up on 6V 4 Ah battery
     Protection   a) 2.5A fuse for input AC mains
        b) Input line filter for EMI and RFI suppression
        c) Spike suppressor for input transients
     Power Consumption   10 VA (approx.)
     A/D converter   Sigma Delta type with 24 Bit resolution
     A/D Clock   2MHz
     Conversion Speed   18 samples per second
     Load cell excitation   6V DC with current capability to drive up to 4 load cells of 720 ohm input resistance
    Input Signal   1 microvolt to 3 microvolts per division of weight (unit weight)
     Display   6 digit seven segment RED LED Display of 13 mm height
     Environment   Operating temperature: 0° to 55° Cel.
    Humidity: upto 95% RH non condensing
     Mechanical   Dimensions:
    200mm (W) x 210mm x(D) x 80mm (H)Weight : 2.5 kg