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RS232 ports are becoming obsolete and present day computers are supplied only with USB & Ethernet ports. In this situation, it becomes difficult to connect weight indicator with computers on RS232 communication. To overcome this problem, Altis Industries has developed a weight indicator with USB port for interfacing with computer USB port.

    • USB device port for linking with computer
    • Two communication ports
    • Three step software calibration for accurate weight display
    • Smart calibration to correct small errors in weight display
    • Password security
    • Calibration security hardware lock
    • View calibration result
    • Auto Zero Tracking & Weight Tracking
    • Zero Band Control to reduce effects of structure errors on weighments
    • Zeroing Limit Field Settable as 4% of scale capacity or lower
    • Serial Port Testing to test if serial port hardware on indicator is ok
    • Option of Graphical LCD is available with the weight indicator. It gives a smart look to the indicator & adds some value added features
    • RF communication in built to connect remote score board display (Wireless Communication)

    • Weighbridge
    • Industrial Scales
    • Platform Scales

     Microprocessor   32 bit Processor
     Processor Clock   50 MHz
     Power Supply   SMPS with EMI/RFI filter and Spike Suppresser
    A/D Converter   Sigma Delta Type 24 Bit ADC
     Conversion Speed   25 samples per sec.
     Load Cell Excitation   8V DC with current capability to drive up to 12 load cells of 350 ohms input resistance
     Signal Sensitivity   1.0 micro volt to 3 micro volts per DIV of weight (unit weight)
     Key Board   4 Key or optional 16 Key calibrations keyboard
     Display   240X64 Graphical Display
     Remote Display Port   To connect optional 1/2inch, 1inch, 2.3inch or 4inch bright red LED display
      Serial Port-1   Isolated RS-232 serial port for computer interfacing or remote displays
     Indications   Buzzer for fault and data entry
     Fuse   F1 fuse 2.5 A for AC power input
     Protection   1) RFI/EMI filter for input power
    2) Spike Suppressor for input transients.