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T400 is a smart terminal for weighing application manufactured by Altis Industries. The purpose of this terminal is to link with any weighing indicator (through RS232 port) and provide facility of data entry and ticket printing.

    • RS232 Port for collecting weight data from weighing indicator
    • GLCD or standard LCD for viewing data during data entry
    • USB port for connecting a standard computer keyboard for data entry
    • Centronics Parallel port for connecting a Printer for ticket and report printing
    • USB port for connecting pendrive for long term data storage
    • Battery backed Real Time Clock
    • Large internal memory for storing 200,000 weighment records

    • Field programmable 10 subtitles for ticket data entry during weighment
    • Coding facility for repeated data during weighment
    • Field programmable settings for any type of preprinted tickets
    • SMS facility for submitting weighment data on any mobile phone
    • Time wise report printing
    • Multi level passwords for security
    • Special programs preloaded for certain industrial applications

    • Truck Scales
    • Sugar and other agriculture based industries
    • Steel industry
    • Infrastructure industry

     Processor   32 bit Arm processor
     Processor Clock   50 MHz
     Input voltage   90 – 270V AC at 50/60 Hz
    Real Time Clock   Inbuilt Battery backed RTC
     Serial Port   RS232 / RS485
     USB Ports   2 nos for Key board and Pendrive
     Protection   (A)Input Line filter for EMI and RFI suppression
    (B)Opto-isolation of signals for high immunity from external electrical noise