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TD401 is Altis’s latest weight indicator cum intelligent terminal to be used with Digital Load Cell for weigh bridge application. The special feature of “TD401” is the automatic displaying of actual weight, with proper inputs from Digital Load Cells, without calibration process in field. Since the Digital Load Cells give correct weight output, there is no requirement for field calibration or corner correction.

    • Long Distance between weighbridge room and structure up to 500 mt
    • Very simple installation procedure
    • No corner adjustment
    • No calibration required with use of Appalto Digital Load Cell
    • RF communication in built to connect remote score board display (Wireless Communication)
    • USB port for Keyboard / Pendrive facility
    • Memory for 2,00000 records
    • Facility to send SMS for weighment record
    • Field programmable 10 subtitles for ticket data entry
    • Coding facility ( 100 codes for 4 entries)
    • Field Programmable Pre-printed tickets
    • Vehicle- wise data entry & report printing
    • Multi level passwords for security
    • Graphic LCD 240x64 pixel

    • High Accuracy Weighbridge
    • Special Industries like Sugar, Agriculture, Steel, Cotton, etc

     Processor   32bit Processorr
     Processor clock frequency   50 MHz
     Real time clock   On board battery backed RTC
    Memory   Capable of storing 2,00000 records
     Power supply   SMPS power supply
     Input Voltage   90V to 270V AC @ 50Hz
     Protection   A) 2.5A fuse for input AC mains
    (B) Input line filter for EMI and RFI suppression
    (C) Spike suppressor for input transients
    (D) Opto-isolation of signals for high immunity from electrical noise
     Power Consumption   10 VA (approx.)
     Load cell excitation   12 V DC with current capability to drive up to 12
    digital load cells
     Display   16 characters X 2 line LCD display with backlight for displaying numerals and alphabets for data entry and 6 digit ½” RED LED numeric display.
     Keyboard port   101-key with USB connector compatible keyboard.
     USB Port   USB Port configured for Pen Drive.
     Printer Port   Isolated Centronics compatible printer port provided on rear panel for connecting 80-column dot matrix printer for printing of weighment records and reports
     Serial Port   Isolated RS-232 serial port is provided for computer
    interfacing, remote displays or modem
     Remote Display Port   Remote display port is provided to connect optional 1/2inch, 1inch, 2.3inch or 4inch bright red LED display to indicate the weight on the platform
     RF com port   Transmission facility to connect wireless peripherals
     Environment   Operating temperature: 0° to 55° Celsius
    Humidity: upto 95% RH non-condensing
     Mechanical   Dimensions: 250 mm (w) x 280 mm (D) x 80mm (H)
    Weight : 2.5 kg (approx.)