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The Sync edition of Scale  software is suitable for organizations that want to sync the weighment  data  from their remote locations to a central  server based in office or data center.  In remote  locations,  the  network connectivity is not very reliable.  The software allows the weighment to continue even when the network connectivity (to central server) is down. The data is sent to sync server whenever the connectivity is available. A sync server is deployed at the central office that also allows easy integration with SAP &  other ERP systems. 


    • Allows data from remote weighbridge locations to sync with central server.
    • Suitable where network connectivity is not very reliable.
    • The sync server allows easy integration with SAP and other ERP systems.
    • Ability to push configuration including data fields, ticket settings, code and values form central server to weighbridge PCs.
    • Ability to send SMS or Emails from remote weighbridges as well as central server.
    • Connect upto 4 Cameras at each weighbridge.
    • Supports DVRs as well as IP Cameras with RTSP support.
    • Supports most of the indicator strings.
    • Configurable data fields and validations.
    • Records recall based on vehicle number as well as weigh slip number.
    • Supports dot-matrix printers, graphics printers. Images can be printed using graphics printer.
    • Highly configurable ticket settings with support for pre-printed stationery.
    • User groups, user accounts and access control.
    • Vehicle registration to store tare weight.
    • Audit logs.
    • Email alerts on weighment. Images are also sent in email.
    • SMS alerts on weighment. Supports both SMS gateways as well as GSM dongles.
    • Powerful reporting module.
    • Excel export of weighment data.
    • Data backup and restore.

    • Operating Systems supported are Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.
    • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
    • Supported Databases on central server: Oracle, MS SQL Server, others on request.
    • DVR or IP Cameras with RTSP support.