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Manless weighing solution enables the weighing  process without any operator intervention. This is a very accurate and reliable solution. The vehicle driver brings the vehicle on the scale and scans his RFID card. The vehicle data is read from the card and integrated with the weight on the platform. This combined data is then transmitted to the central server.

The controller integrates the weighing indicators with RFID reader, boom barriers, traffic lights, large display, buzzers, camera, vehicle positioning sensors, etc. to provide an automated and hassle free system. Manless weighment solutions is flexible and allows customization with configurable work flow and process integration.


    Weighment can be carried without an operator at the weighbridge, as complete information is scanned through RFID cards which reduces the operation cycle and prevents the manual entry errors.The system makes the weighment process highly secure by allowing integration with IP cameras, boom barriers and traffic lights for capturing  images during  the weighment, managing vehicle traffic, vehicle queue management and carrying out safe operation. The system further integrates with ERP systems like SAP and Tally to remove  errors due to manual entries.   


    • Gate Entry Software which enables the entry of complete information to feed in the RFID Card which will be used for the weighment process. 
    • Provision to read RFID Card with preprogrammed vehicle data. 
    • Two Line LCD Display to show the status and data to truck driver. 
    • Buzzer for entry notification. 
    • Ethernet Port (LAN port) for server connectivity. 
    • Boom Barrier and Traffic Light control for regulating traffic flow. 
    • Provision to connect hooter for alarm conditions. 
    • Connectivity to IP Camera. 
    • Connectivity to Large Digital Display. 
    • Provision to connect Vehicle Alignment IR Sensor. 
    • Optional Android App provides a platform to monitor the weighment process and reset the system whenever required using any mobile device like telephone or a  tablet.
  • ADD ON'S

    • Add On 1: Boom Barrier for security purpose and managing the vehicle traffic at entry and exit. 
    • Add On 2: Traffic Light for safe operations to indicate the status of Weighbridge.
    • Add On 3: Vehicle Positioning IR Sensor for Vehicle Alignment.
    • Add On 4: Built In Indicator inside the Controller.
    • Add On 5: IP Camera for Increased Security.
    • Add On 6: Three Line Large Display with 2.3” and 4” Options for Clear Visibility and Authentication.


    Robust and weather-proof stainless steel cabinet for added protection with climate control.  



    Controller includes the features as mentioned below:

    • RFID Card Reader is required for data accuracy with pre programmed vehicle data
    • Two Line LCD Display
    • Buzzer for Notification
    • Ethernet Port
    • Boom Barrier Connectivity
    • Traffic Light Connectivity
    • Four Relays for Traffic Light
    • Relay Switch for Hooter
    • Connectivity to IP Camera
    • Connectivity to Large Digital Display
    • Five Digital Inputs to be used for Vehicle Alignment IR Sensor