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Barcode Printing Indicator is latest weight indicator with intelligent terminal for industrial applications. Barcode with respect to weighment details can be taken through an external printer attached with the Barcode Generator.

    • Built in Barcode:
      Built-in Barcode generator with Weight Indicator. Barcode containing RST no, date, time & weight can be printed on suitable “Barcode Printer.”
    • Barcode Printout with Weighment Details:
      Detailed information can also be printed along with barcode.
    • Customized Solution:
      Indicator compatible to any standard barcode printer or specified print information can be designed as per requirement.
    • Types of Printing Style:
      Provision to print barcode in Sticker type or in Thermal paper.
    • Data Entry:
      Provision to connect standard IBM keyboard for field entries.

    • Shipping & Logistics
    • Warehousing
    • Retail Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Manufacturing & Material handling Industry

    • Fast & Reliable data collection with accuracy.
    • Duplicacy & Frauds can be eliminated, thus enhanced data security.
    • Good quality printout, even water proof type can be taken depending on sticker sheet.
    • Readability of the weighment data, through barcode reader.
    • Soft copy of data can be made available for further use on computer.

    • A single device is required to measure weight and generating barcode.
    • No need to connect computer to generate barcode and printing application.
    • Provision to reprint any barcode stored in the memory of indicator.
    • No chance to manipulate the entries stored in the machine.
    • Very easy operation and compact in size.