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Shipper Indicator is a multipurpose weight indicator useful for industrial application. Dispatch / Production data can be recorded in the indicator under batch / lot / item. The process of recording weight details can be Automatic or Manual.

    • Each bag / cotton bale / item will be kept on the platform one after the other & its details will be recorded in the machine.
    • Number of item can be recorded under a batch / lot / RST.
    • Total production / dispatch of a day can be found as a report.
    • Has 16x2 character LCD Display, 4x4 key front mount keyboard, Keyboard port for connecting external 108 key IBM compatible keyboard & port for Dot matrix printer.

    • USB Port for Pen Drive:
      Back up of data can be taken into Pen drive in Excel Format.
    • Higher Memory:
      Memory to store 9999 records. 100 nos of item can be recorded per lot.
    • Field Selectable mode of working:
      Automatic - Automatic weighing of item on stable weight.
      Manual- On pressing enter key after putting item in the platform.
    • Data Entry:
      Option to enter data during weighment through an external keyboard.
    • Multiple checks to avoid error:
      Two consecutive items can not pass without a zero margin weight.
      To avoid saving false stable weight, provision of field programmable permissible band.
      Stability time can also be field programmable.

    • Ginning Industries
    • Grain Industries
    • Other Industries

    Option of Barcode / Sticker printing is also available on demand.

  • TICKET PRINTING (Online / Offline)

    (A) Provision of automatic label printing for each weighment.

    (B) Printing the lot details on a Single Ticket