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Wireless Display is the latest technology for remote displays in the weighing industry. This feature is useful for both Industrial & Public weighbridges. Wireless Remote Displays are installed with wireless technology and do not require any physical wired connection between Indicator & Remote Display.

    • No need of interconnecting cables between Indicator & Remote Display.
    • Installation cost gets reduced, as cost of cable, laying & digging charges are not required. Less Maintenance cost as compared to wired display.
    • The distance between indicator & wireless display can be upto 100 mt.
    • Multiple Wireless displays can be installed for a single weight indicator.
    • Installation time get reduced as there is no need of wiring & digging for cable laying.
    • Multiple Weight indicators can be installed in an area with wireless displays.

    • It can be installed with existing Weight Indicators also using external wireless modules for data transmission.
    • Provision of providing inbuilt wireless module in the indicator.
    • Wireless display or compatible to other make of indicators (Avery, Sartorius, etc.) can also be provided.

    • Wireless Transmitter Module:
      This will be installed in the RS232 port of weight indicator. Its working range is 100 meters.
    • Wireless Display:
      This will be installed at a remote location to display the weight. A power supply is to be provided to the display.

    • 25 mm (1 inch)
    • 58 mm (2.3 inch)