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Altis Industries has launched a Junction Box with wireless technology.
This product is useful for both industrial & public weighbridges. In this system, the Junction Box & the weight indicator work on wireless technology.
There will not be any cable connection between Junction Box & Weight Indicator. The data is transferred through wireless communication.

    • The leads of all the load cells will be connected to the Wireless Junction Box.
    • The Weight Indicator will be installed at a distance away from Wireless Junction Box.
    • Both, Junction Box & Weight Indicator will communicate through wireless.
    • Calibration & corner error correction will be done through the conventional process.

    • Wireless communication between Junction Box & Weight Indicator helps in reducing faults related with lightning strikes & voltage surges.
    • Problem due to cable joints, breakage/ageing of cable, sinking of cable in water will be eliminated.
    • Disturbance in output signal of Junction Box due to electrical noise will be reduced.
    • Field configurable settings, allows easy field replaceability and multiple installation in the same premises.
    • The configuration of Weight Indicator & Wireless Junction Box is a very easy process,and does not involve any technical knowledge.
    • The distance between Wireless Junction Box & Weight Indicator can be upto 50 mt.

    • Wireless Junction Box:
      Load cell will be connected to Wireless Junction Box. 230 Volt AC Power supply is to be provided to this.
    • Weight Indicator with Wireless Module:
      This will be installed at a distance away from Wireless Junction Box without any cable connection. A power supply will be required for its operation.

    In-built wireless modules are available with T400, TD401 and Digitizer (D300).