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Altis offers platform scale with wireless connectivity between weigh platform and weight indicator. Data is transmitted from the scale platform to the weight indicator, which can be placed at any remote / dust free location within 50 mt of the platform. A remote wireless display can also be linked to the indicator for weight display.



    • Platform is in a dusty environment & indicator needs to be protected from dust.
    • Avoid operator access to the indicator to avoid tempering.
    • Platform needs to be moved frequently in the warehouse and indicator is required at a fixed location.

    • No need of cabling between Platform scale & Indicator.
    • The distance between Platform scale & indicator can be upto 50 mt.
    • Very less Installation & Maintenance cost.
    • Weighment activities can be monitored easily.
    • Multiple units of wireless indicator can be installed in a same premises.

    • Industries
    • Steel Traders
    • Crane Scales
    Note:- It can be installed with existing platform scale.

    • Wireless Base unit:
      The output of load cell will be connected with this unit. This unit has a power supply and 6 volt battery for power back up.
    • Wireless Indicator (W/O Serial Port):
      This can be install at a remote distance from platform scale. A power supply is required for its operation. It has a 6 volt battery for power back up and has all basic feature of a weight indicator like Calibration, Decimal Point setting etc.
    • Wireless Display (Optional):
      Option of wireless display is also available.
      Sizes available are 1 inch & 2.3 inch.