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A wireless base unit is installed on the crane to connect with the load cell.
This base unit converts the load cell signal to digital form
& transmits the data to the indicator which is placed at a remote location. The communicate is wireless the crane can be moving and the indicator is fixed at a remote location.
The indicator receives the load cell data from the crane and displays the weight as calibrated.

    • Wireless communication avoids any physical wires. This leads to more reliability.
    • Since the Crane is normally moving, it is difficult to install an indicator at a remote location as wiring will not be possible. Wireless option, solves this problem.
    • Installation & Maintenance cost gets reduced , as there is no need of cables.
    • The calibration process of Crane scale becomes very easy.
    • Multiple units of wireless crane scale can be installed in a same premises as configuration settings are field programmable.
    Note: Provision for indicator with recording, printing, computer interfacing is also available.

    • Wireless Base Unit:
      The output of load cell will be connected with this unit. This unit has a power supply and 6 volt battery for power back up.
    • Wireless Indicator (W/O Serial Port):
      This can be install at a remote distance from crane scale. A power supply is required for its operation. It has a 6 volt battery for power back up and has all basic feature of a weight indicator like Calibration, Decimal Point setting etc.
    • Wireless Display (Optional):
      Option of wireless display is also available.
      Sizes available are 1 inch & 2.3 inch.