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The Platform Scale Software is used in the following applications:

In Industries where a single or multiple material is weighed on a platform scale and then loaded in a truck for transportation. The software provides the facility to connect weight data from multiple platform scales to be linked to a single record. The software also provides the facility to link the truck scale records with platform scale records to find the difference between the total weight as weighed by the platform scale and weight captured at the weighbridge.


    • Allows weighment captured at multiple platform scales to a single record.
    • Allows weighbridge record to be linked to platform scales weighment to find the difference in weights captured.
    • Powerful reports with excel export.
    • Detailed tickets for printing.
    • Easy integration with SAP and other ERP systems.
    • Ability to send SMS or Emails from remote weighbridges or the central server.
    • Connects upto 4 Cameras at each platform scale and at the weighbridge.
    • Supports DVRs as well as IP Cameras with RTSP support.

    • Operating Systems  supported are Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Supports 32­bit and 64­bit operating systems
    • Supported Databases on central server: Oracle, MS SQL Server, others on request
    • DVR or IP Cameras with RTSP support



    • In a steel industry, where a mother coil is cut to smaller coils based on desired weight. The software provides facility to connect to multiple platform scales where the pieces are weighed and then link all the weighments with the actual weight of mother coil.
    • In a agriculture based industry where a processed product is weighed and picked from various stations and then loaded in a truck for outward dispatch.