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BC 04 Batch controller is a multipurpose relay based controller for industrial applications.It is useful for application where the feeding and discharge of single / multiple material needs to be controlled through relays.

    • BC-04 is a fully customized product depending on application and user’s requirement
    • It controls the batch operation through relays
    • Multiple recipes can be programmed with different set points
    • Coarse and fine feed of material can be set
    • Provision for In-flight correction
    • Operation can be fully automatic or semi automatic, as per user’s requirement
    • 16 key front keyboard for programming and operating the batch controller
    • Key Lock option is provided to prevent un-authorized use of the keyboard for programming or operating the system
    • Multi level password protection for preventing accidental or un authorized changes in calibration and other run time parameters
    • Provision for recipe settings. The procedure allows for defining multiple recipes with each recipe containing the set points and delay for relay operations as per process requirement

    • Formulation application
    • Bagging application
    • Oil filling application

     Processor   32 Bit processor
     Processor Clock   50 Mhz
     Power Supply   SMPS type with EMI/RFI filter and Spike Suppresser
     A/D converter   Sigma Delta type with 24 BIT ADC
     Conversion Speed   50 Hz
     Load cell excitation   8V @ 300mA (up to eight load cells of 350 ohms each)
     Signal/Unit weight   1micro volt to 3 microvolts
     Keyboard   16 key front mount keyboard.
     Serial Port   RS232 or RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol(For Computer Interface)
     Current Output   Optional 4-20 mA output for PLC controls
     Remote Display Port   For optional 6 digit LED display
     Indications   Buzzer for fault and data entry
     Protection   a) RFI/EMI filter and varistors
        b) For input transients & noise elimination
     Input Voltage   90 V -270 V AC @ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz.
     Power Consumption   10 VA (approx)
     Environment   Operating Temp: 10° to +55° Celsius
    Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
     Mechanical   Dimensions: Case Size 184 x 90x198 mm
    Bezel Size 190 x 96 mm
    Panel cut out 184 x 90 mm
    Weight: 2Kg