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BC-06 is a multipurpose relay based controller for industrial batching application. It can be used where feed and discharge are to be controlled by relays. There is option for controlling weight on 4 platforms simultaneously by sensing weight on these platform through separate A/D converters. This controller has facility to store the details of all the batches and print consolidated tickets & reports.


    • Multiple recipes can be programmed with Different Ingredients and quantity
    • Different set points can be programmed for various ingredients
    • Memory to save records & printer port for printing tickets / reports through external printer
    • It can be operated in Auto or Manual mode
    • 40 x 2 LCD display with backlight for displaying the current platform weight, target weight, programming parameters, alarms and total of process for all the platforms
    • 15 key front keyboard for programming and operating the batches
    • Key Lock option is provided to prevent un-authorized use of the keyboard
    • Provision for connecting a standard 101 key keyboard and a Printer for ease of programming and Ticket / Report print out
    • Battery backed real time clock
    • Option to set multiple recipes containing the set points and delay for relay operations
    • Provision for In-flight correction. Two types of in-flight correction are offered, Automatic and Manual
    • Relay test option to test all the relay outputs
    • Multi level password protection for preventing accidental or un authorized changes in calibration and other run time parameters

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Soap industry
    • Oil factory
    • RMC concrete plants

    Provision to connect 1/2/3/4 platform / weigh hoppers to a single batch controller BC-06.
    Option upto 32 relays & 8 digital inputs as per user requirements.

     Memory   128 K for data storage with battery backup
     Power Supply   SMPS type with EMI/RFI filter and Spike Suppresser
     A/D converter   Sigma Delta type with 24 Bit ADC
    Conversion Speed   24HZ
     Load cell excitation   8V @ 300mA (up to eight load cells of 350 ohms each)
     Signal / Unit weight   1micro volt to 3 microvolts
     Keyboard   15-key front panel keyboard and External 101 key keyboard
     Printer Port   Centronics compatible parallel port to connect DMP
     Serial Port   RS-232
     Digital Inputs   5-Digital inputs for controlling batching events or other interlocking signals
     Indications   Buzzer for fault and data entry
     Fuse   2.5A for AC power in
     Protection   RFI/EMI filter and varistors for protection against input transients & electrical noise
    Weight Record Storage   700 records, depending on options programmed
     Reports   Date wise consolidated report
     Input Voltage   90 V -270 V AC @ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
     Power Consumption   15 VA (approx.)
     Environment   Operating Temp: 0° to +55°C
    Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity non-condensing.
     Mechanical   Dimensions: 282 mm X 300 mm X 138 mm
                            (W)            (D)                (H)
                            Weight: 4.800 kg