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Compliance, traceability, consistency and reliability of measurement data are the required factors in Agriculture Industry. Altis Industries provide various weighing equipments which play an important role in tracking the production, managing the raw material (seeds, fertilizers etc) and weighing of the livestock. Our main focus is accurate measurement and recording of data for management and traceability.
Starting from sugar cane procurement to crushing, processing cane juice, packing and transporting of refined sugar, Altis Industries provides many tools for measurement at every step to enhance productivity and quality. The waste (molassis) is monitored for further processing in alcohol producing distilleries.
tanzania cotton gin COTTON GINNING:
Cotton ginning is a process that separates cotton fibers from their seeds. The cotton is used for yarns and fiber production. The seeds are used for oil extraction. Altis Industries provides wide array of automated solution for the Cotton Ginning Industry which monitors raw cotton procurement and measures the content of the cotton fiber and the separated seeds. This helps in accounting and production efiiciency.

Tea Garden, Rice and Flour Mill are the other application of Agriculture Industry.